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We get special requests for specific equipment that we have available, but typically not listed on our website.  Handsets, used equipment that we may otherwise sell on eBay, special packages of phones, whatever. 

We list that equipment here for you to purchase and may have sent you a link to get to it.  The following is here for a specific customer but unless otherwise noted, we have plenty if you are interested. 

iDCS handset.jpg
Samsung iDCS Handsets

Samsung iDCS handsets have been cleaned, tested and refurbished. 

These phones work with Samsung iDCS 28, 18 and 8-button telephones.

We do our best to insure that these handsets are like new with no scratches, scuffs or blemishes. 

$12.00 each
with Free Shipping
Mitel 10-pack RTS.jpg
Mitel 10-pack RTS 2.jpg
Mitel Superset 4025 10-Pack (Used) 

Lot of 10 Used Mitel Superset 4025 - part #9132-025-200-NA.  These phones have been cleaned and tested, but not 'refurbished.'  While we have done our best to avoid, there may be some minor scratches and scuffs from normal wear.  All phones come with handset, handset cord and plastic label cover.  Labels are not included.


The Superset 4025 is a digital telephone that can be used with Mitel SX-200 and SX-2000 phone systems.  These phones were removed from a working environment in a school system.  Sold as is with no warranty.  


FREE SHIPPING IN THE CONTINENTAL U.S.; and to international shipping location in U.S. for shipments to Canada. 


The phones included in the pictures may not be the exact phones shipped, but are representative of the phones available.  If you are in need of a different quantity of these phones, contact us and we will put together a quote and listing for you.

$70.00 Free Shipping
Lot of 10 Aastra phones.jpg
Aastra phone.jpg
Lot of (10) Used AASTRA Nortel Telephones, Ash in color, M8009, NT2N24AD2

Lot of (10) Used AASTRA Nortel Telephones, Ash in color, Model M8009, NT2N24.  The Nortel Aastra 8009 has a variety of easy to use convenient features. It is equipped with six programmable memory keys and fixed volume, Hold and Redial keys. 

These phones are used, removed from a working [Hospital] environment.  They have been cleaned and tested but not refurbished.  While we have done our best to clean them, these used phones may show wear from normal use.  These units are sold as-is with no warranty.  

We have a number of these.  If you need more than what is available in this posting, let us know.  We can clean up more for you. 

$65.00 Free Shipping
Panasonic KX-NT-553-B
No pic available -
This is for a one-time purchase from a specific vendor
$185.00 each
with Free Shipping

If there is anything else we can help you with, please let us know. 

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